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The importance of digital marketing: Why You Should Use It 

Learn the importance of digital marketing

The importance of digital marketing should not be overlooked, particularly in this century. Digital competition is getting more intense each day for businesses. 

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Every marketer is utilising different types of digital technology, social platform, and digital marketing tool (even advanced tools like AI, ie ChatGPT is coming into the picture!) to build their brand, grow their business and raise their empire. 

And with the different social media platforms and rising Gen Zs revolutionising how social media works, it is only to every business’s and marketer’s advantage to reach their customers and audiences through digital marketing channels. 

Reasons Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing

If you are still hesitant about why businesses should embrace digital marketing plans, here are 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use It.

Increased reach

If you were selling a product or service, would you rather spread the word to a group of 5 people traditionally, or to 500,000 people on the internet? 

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As of January 2022, there were an estimated 30.25 million social media users in Malaysia. This means that your customers are always online! 

Every successful advertising campaign is not about waiting for your audience to reach you. It is about reaching your audience first and showing them what you can offer them. 

Digital marketing is as easy as reaching people on their devices at any time of the day. It guarantees broader exposure to your brand while reaching your specific target audiences. 

In other words, digital marketing makes it easier to reach the massive audience who most likely are your potential customers.

Lower costs

Digital marketing is often more cost effective than traditional marketing methods, especially in targeting a specific audience. Your job can be as easy as putting your product or service online and the rest will take its course immediately.

There are multiple ways to launch your digital marketing – some examples are Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing. Not only do these platforms help you connect with your audience, but they also help to convert them into your customers.

More and more SMEs in Malaysia are adopting digital marketing ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. About 63% of local SMEs have tapped into utilising digital tools and platforms to reduce manpower costs and increase effectiveness as compared to traditional marketing. 

It is one way to have your small business spread globally and connect easily in the quickest time possible.

Measurable results

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One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is real-time reports and analytics. As businesses rely on facts and figures to make precise business decisions, so does digital marketing! 

It is easy to manage, monitor, and track the success of your digital marketing efforts using tools like Google Analytics, Ads Manager, and others. 

You will get to see the performance of each campaign and activity and for you to see what’s working and what’s not. Then, you can make adjustments to your digital marketing strategies for optimal performance.

Targeted advertising

Online marketing allows you to target your advertising efforts toward specific demographics and interests. And usually, these audiences share a similar problem, goal, and interests to which you are able to identify and offer your products and services specifically for them. 

When you are running any online marketing campaigns such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can choose to target your audience based on demographics and geographic locations, target based on online behaviour, or even based on purchase history. This way, you can secure your audience pool and potential customers.

“What is the importance of having a narrow target audience?”

Having a narrow and focused audience is crucial for generating genuine business leads and for capturing audiences who are most likely to buy your product or service. 

You won’t be wasting your time, effort, and budget, but instead generating greater ROIs from the targeted audience.


“63% of consumers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalization tactics.” – Smart Insights

As much as we rely on technology in everything we do, customers still gravitate towards brands that are able to offer tailored solutions that can solve their pain points and problems. This includes a User’s Experience, product/service relevancy, and personalization. 

Practising a good personalization tactic can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Online marketing allows you to personalise your marketing efforts and deliver tailored messages to specific segments of your audience. 

One frequent practice by brands and businesses all around is addressing their customers with their names even in promotional emails. This helps take your customers on a personal journey with your brand!

Better customer experience

Using online marketing as one of your marketing strategies makes it easier to create seamless experiences for your customers by offering personalised content, recommendations, and other interactive features. 

For example, most businesses establish an automated response system and chatbots for their customers’ inquiries in order to reduce the response time and hedge bad customer service. 

As first impressions are always important, it is best to not leave your customers “ghosted”. After all, customers who enjoy their experience with the brand will be highly likely to repeat their purchase.

Increased engagement

Digital marketing provides multiple touchpoints for customers to engage with your brands. It can be from your social media posts, email marketing, and website. Each engaging action from both you and your customer helps build brand loyalty and establish long-term customer relationships.

Plus, this can also work as a subtle “Word of Mouth” marketing. Instead of the traditional Word of Mouth that requires physical interaction to spread the word, digital marketing engagements are going to help spread the word naturally due to algorithms and platform visibility among users.

Just remember: 

The higher the engagement rate, the higher the customer retention and loyalty rate.

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