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1,200,000 ad reach

16,000+ website visits

1,000+ sign ups

The Who & What: 

Bragg is an American health food company that is famous for producing several products such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Nutritional Yeasts, Seasonings and more. With a wholesaler and distributor here in Malaysia, we expanded our portfolio with the brand in multiple digital solutions.

Bragg has engaged on digital services such as Media Planning, Media Buying, Creative Support, IT Development Support, Optimisation, Reporting. 

Upon Bragg’s recent activity, which was the Bragg Vibrant Movement, we supported them in digital media buy from awareness to conversion phases and mainly activated campaign-specific media buy activities.

The campaigns are mostly Real-time Auction-based, with the focus on top, middle and bottom levels of the conversion funnel.


The ad campaign has worked successfully and generated over-the-roof results for us:

✔️ Reached 1.2mil unique users

✔️ Generated 16k+ visits to the website 

✔️ Received 1,000+ sign-ups for the Bragg Vibrant Community

Results from the Bragg ad campaigns have given KCS greater confidence and ability to run even greater campaigns for our clients!


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