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It’s been a long since you have been running this business, but do you know your ideal customers? Do you have any idea what they prefer and where they shop? How much is their annual income, and where do they stay in Malaysia? These aspects may not seem crucial to you, but they are significant traits of your target audience and influence their buying decisions.

benefits of customer personas

With well-defined customer persona, your business can build an effective marketing plan. Over time, this will help you design digital marketing campaigns that can be pushed to the right group of prospective customers. In other words, customer personas give a face to the customers so that the business can identify their needs and preferences.

Where did the concept of customer persona stem from?

The term persona was coined by Alan Cooper in 1998 when he was designing new software. In the process, he interviewed several colleagues who were presumably future software users. He did this to collect information and ideas that must be implemented into the project. Unknowingly, he engaged in role-playing as the project manager.

He found that the technique proved highly beneficial in solving queries on interaction and functionality. This also helped in understanding what is necessary and what can be ruled out from the customers’ point of view. Since then, this method of creating a brand persona was engaged in all his future endeavors, and gradually, many businesses worldwide started using it.

What are the benefits of customer persona for marketing?

According to Cooper, various personas are designed to create a canvas for the user community, accumulate their requests, and finally provide a product or service with all those necessary functions.

Personas are stories and narrations about imagined individuals described in interactions with any product and services that will be developed. Let’s see how can various types of personas help benefit your marketing prospects in Malaysia.

Database segmentation and lead management

There’s exponential growth in marketing-sourced databases since more businesses invest in content marketing and website offers. Content-based and informative offers are precious to website visitors researching their products. They are generating tons of inbound leads, and with a proper brand persona, every single lead can be assigned to it within the CRM system.

customer personas - KYC

When you segment your database on the created buyer personas, you can make way for the sales and marketing teams to quickly deliver the right messages to the right leads. The company will also have a better view of the databases, offering a deeper insight into the most valuable insight since it will comprise every buyer persona. You might also notice that your database is heavier on specific personas while lighter on others. This will send a red flag so you can work on the latter to attract them to your business.

Define and deliver critical marketing and sales messages

One of the essential benefits of customer persona is that they clearly understand the top marketing and sales messages for every single buyer persona. Any business manager can uncover the hurdles the buyers face in their daily living concerning the organizational roles and various other details to produce relevant and targeted marketing and sales messages.

lead generation in customer personas

Businesses are harping on these messages recently because generalized messages will fail to resonate with every individual lead. As a result, consumers will stay on returning to the business, answering their calls, or unsubscribing from email newsletters. As a result, the business will be at a loss as it has already invested time and effort in generating those leads.

Organic growth of the business through SEO keyword research

When a business completes an in-depth customer persona, it can easily find out relevant long-tail keywords that can be engaged for optimizing the website pages. As the business uncovers the buyer personas’ pain points, you can see what’s going on inside their heads. Also, you can think of plausible phrases they might search for in Google.

These keywords can be used as a brilliant SEO audit for new pages of SEO audit for the existing web pages that failed to obtain the traffic that you had expected. Sometimes, the existing page title and keywords used in the website page may be broad. As a result, you might need help with the mammoth task of ranking problematic keyword phrases.

New topics for content creation and lucrative offers

With a compelling brand persona, you will not just gain the list of new keywords but also have new topics and ideas to be published in webinars, articles, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, and videos that will cater to the challenges. The new content will be able to address the key areas that you have uncovered through the buyer persona. Over time, the content of your business will become a trusted advisor for the website visitors and thus create new leads while engaging the existing consumers.

Remember that when you speak to everyone, you communicate with nobody, and your audience will wonder if the content will serve their purpose. Therefore, many websites keep separate sections for buyer personas so that every audience sector can understand how you add value to them in relevant ways.


It’s evident that your business is anxious to grow, and you don’t want to miss out on any potential opportunities. And to achieve this, it’s impossible to deny the benefits of customer persona. When you take the time to carry out your business correctly, you will see your efforts bring tenfold rewards.

Creating buyer personas is a way to make your messages sound and reach the target audience. With customer persona designed by Kredence Creative Solutions, your business will be aware of hordes of critical facets. It is high time you allow your business to dive deeper into the consumer’s channel behavior.

FAQs About Customer Persona

What is a Customer Persona?

This is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

How Did the Concept of Customer Persona Originate?

The concept was introduced by Alan Cooper in 1998 during his software design process. It evolved from role-playing exercises and interviews with potential users to understand their needs and preferences

Why are Customer Personas Important for Marketing?

It help in understanding the target audience’s characteristics, preferences, and behavior. This knowledge assists in crafting more effective marketing strategies and messages.

How Can Customer Personas Benefit SEO and Content Creation?

By understanding the concept, businesses can identify relevant long-tail keywords and create content that addresses the specific needs and pain points of their target audience.

What Role Do Customer Personas Play in Database Segmentation and Lead Management?

It allow businesses to segment their databases effectively, leading to more targeted and efficient marketing and sales efforts.

Can Customer Personas Improve Sales and Marketing Messaging?

Yes, by understanding the specific needs and challenges of different customer, businesses can tailor their sales and marketing messages to be more relevant and effective.

How Do Customer Personas Influence Content Creation?

They provide insights into the topics, challenges, and interests of the target audience, guiding the creation of relevant and engaging content.

Is a Customer Persona Static?

No, it should be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the market and customer behavior.

How Does One Create a Customer Persona?

It involves market research, analyzing existing customer data, and possibly conducting interviews or surveys to gather information about the target audience.

Can Small Businesses Benefit from Customer Personas?

Absolutely, customer personas are valuable for businesses of all sizes, helping to focus marketing efforts and resources more effectively.

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